As many of you know, not long ago, I started this blog "I See God In You".  The site started out as a way to share photos of people who you have "Seen God In", so others can be inspired by them and their stories.

Well, another chapter is being written.  I want to let you know that I
am expanding the site and working on another project (actually God is
working on it through me and a new found friend).  I have teamed up
with Michael Johnson (in his words, a Christian first and a
photographer second), and we are adding another tab to my blog.  The
new tab – "I see God in the World" – came about due to a conversation
we had regarding a project Michael was working on titled “I see God

Through a path that only God could show, we found that the project he
felt led to move forward with shared some natural synergies with my
existing blog.  Who would have thought, without even knowing each
other, that we shared a common theme – encouraging others through
photography and stories.

With that said, we are now moving forward with this exciting new
project, and we need your help.  Please read the heart-felt words
Michael has written below, and consider joining us in this exciting
new conversation/presentation/blog.

"I see God in the world"

My walk with Christ has been full of twist and turns for as long as I
can remember.  I will add that because Christ has been there every
step of the way, I have lived.  Not always perfect. No one, except
Christ, can do that.  But I have lived.  And Jesus has been at my side
throughout my journey and for a very long time.

With that being said, I started to think about the daily reminders I
see throughout the day – those reminders that God is in our lives, and
in the lives of those around us.  Whether those reminders happen on
the way into work, or when we are taking care of our kids.  Whether
they happen when we see a homeless person, or when we are taking a
walk and see a spectacular sunset/sunrise.  It might even happen while
we are sitting inside a church, or a classroom, or a coffee shop.  It
might even happen when we see a crack in a wall that forms a cross, or
the face of someone needing our help.  It might be…. Well, you get the

Photography has been a vehicle God has used at various points in my
life to draw me closer to Him.  Taking pictures requires me to slow
down and stop for a moment – stepping away from my out-of-control
life.  Taking pictures forces me to pay attention to the moment I am
in rather than looking down the road at tomorrow, or the rearview
mirror of yesterday.  And when I take those clues to stop...when I
actually listen to His nudges, I am blessed to get a glimpse at the
surprise He has in store for me that day, the emotions and empathy He
wants me to feel for others, and the path just off the well-traveled
path “I” would have chosen instead. Living those “surprise” moments
God has placed in my path is truly a blessing.

So in conclusion, Michael and I invite you to join us on this journey
of “Seeing God in the world”.  Allow God to nudge you each and every
day.  Allow Him to wake up your creative side, your emotional side,
your passionate side.  Actually take time throughout the day to look
around you and see what, or who, God has placed in your life and
capture that blessing so others can see Him at work… so others can
feel His presence… so others can be encouraged.

Once you have done that please consider sharing your photo with the
rest of us.  But don’t stop there.  We also encourage you to take a
moment and tell us the meaning behind your photo.  Stories, as you
already know, add a new level of depth to a fantastic photo.

Be blessed.

Lara and Michael